Game design

Elixirs : Gather, brew, serve !


step 1

What is Elixirs ?

Elixirs is a PC game where you incarnate an alchemist working toward business success. Gather ingredients, mix them in the right machine and serve your customers in time to earn tons of money!

step 2

The principle of the game

Everything begins when a customer enter your shop and order a potion. To fulfill his request, blend the ingredients together to acquire the right item.

Each ingredient and potion has a value. To obtain the potion you seek, you will need the help of machines called “effectors”. Effectors blend two ingredients into a single item worth the result of their operation.

step 3

A wonderful universe

Elixirs is a quick-paced game where the orders and excitement builds up together with mental calculations. Multiply, add, subtract, divide to get the right potions !
Beware of lasers that will reduce the values of potions.

Sell your potions and guarantee the prosperity of your business ! Hire new workers, each with its own unique ability!

Want to discover the whacky universe of Elixirs ?
15 unique characters ! More than 30 playable levels !
The ultimate cooperative game. Expected release in December 2019 on the steam platform.