Game design

Galactic arena, create a team of alien gladiators to dominate the battlefield

Galactic arena

step 1

Carefully choose your heroes and form the perfect squad

Each hero belong to one of the 4 archetypes. Warriors, resistant units specialized in close combat. Assassins, lightspeed units specialized in critical damages against heavy armor. Supports, healers and status buffer. Specialists, strategic units specialized in zone capture and map control.

step 2

Fight in the arena !

Each hero possess a basic attack, an ultimate spell, a passive specialized status and a rattle (an overpowered spell triggered upon death). To win, you have to control the multiple areas and crush each of your opponent’s gladiators.

step 3

Earn points, buy new gladiators and enhanced gears !

Each hero possess runes that you may unlock during the game, unlock them all to bring down your rival !

The game’s development is currently paused due to heavy cost of production.
However we are greatly looking for sponsors and investors, if you are interested please contact us.